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Ascot Petanque play at Ascot Community Centre we are gaining new members on a regular basis. Over 60 players meet each week to play. The club is very social, nicely competitive and extremely welcoming to anyone who wants to 'have a go'. Open invitation tournaments are held about 5 times a year and are very popular.

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Ascot Petanque Club Calendar 2017
January Tues 3rd BBQ
Fri 20th Birthday bash
Sat 28th "Alan Pickard Memorial trophy" Drawn Doubles Invitation
February Sat 18th Club Open Singles
March Sun 5th Interclub At Woolston
Sun 12th Interclub At Ascot
Fri 31st Birthday bash
April Sat 8th Autumn Drawn Triples Invitation
Fri 21st Ascot AGM Meeting
May Sat 20th Club Drawn Doubles
Fri 26th Birthday Bash
June Sat 10th Winter Drawn Triples Invitation
Sat 24th Club Drawn Triples
July Sat 15th Bastille Day Doubles
Fri 28th Mid Winter Dinner & Birthday Bash
August Sat 6th "Margaret Marriot" Drawn Doubles
September Sat 2nd Tremor Trophy Drawn 3 Boule Triples
Sat 23rd Spring Drawn Triples Invitation
Fri 29th Birthday Bash
October Sat 7th John McKay Club Drawn Doubles
Sat 14th Piste of Origin at Papanui
Sat 28th Margaret Marriot Drawn Doubles
November Sat 18th Club Ladies Singles / Mens Singles
Fri 25th Birthday Bash
December Sat 9th Christmas Party

News Items for 2017

Winter Club Drawn Triples Competition Held Sat 2nd Sept 2017


Championship Winners

                        Tony Morrison, Kevin Standeven, Lex Standeven


Championship Runner up

                        Beth Archbold, Ron Patterson, Kay Morrison


Plate Winners

                        Alice Maguigan, Pauline Morgan, Max Tomlins       

Plate Runner up

                        Ron Hann, ShirleyPetschick, Art Vernon

Bowl Winners

                        John Newton, Tilo Petschick, Leslee Wilson

Bowl Runner up

                        Brian Monks, Fran Hudson, Norm Tennant


Bastille Day Results of Competition held at Ascot

1 Richard Browne   ash Paul Tamagushiku  chch
2 Paul Stewart  chch Nicolas Xavier  chch
3= Alice Maguigan  asc Art Vernon   asc
Kevin Standeven   asc Ron Paterson   asc
1 Caroline Kinloch    pap Maureen Morgan    pap
2 Rosemary Mclaughlinash Shelagh Field  ash
3= Marjorie  Vincent   pap     Jonathan Crum  ash
Karen Bensdorp  ash Neville Bensdorp  ash
1 Bruno Falco  chch Goulwen Robinet chch
2 Pat O'Shea   chch Jean-Marie Alleuame  chch
3= Andrew Findlay  chch Robin Ward   chch
Marion Harrison   ash Ellen Pithie   ash
1 Tina Targett   chch Les Clearwater   chch
2 Janet Wilkinson   asc Tony Wilkinson   asc
3= Dee Worrill   asc John Yellowlees   asc
Betty King   ash Wil Nuberg   ash
1 Ann Doyle  chch Mavis Thompson   tim
2 Rewa Kyle ash Fran Hudson   asc
3= Shirley Petschick  asc Tilo Petschick  asc
Wendy Barrett  asc Max Tomlins   asc

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