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The group gathered early at the break of day
For the 'Southern Safari' was about under way
Patricia and Reed and that Bruce Hoffman fella
A Glen and a Debbie, a Sarah, a Steve
The Petanquers from Christchurch were ready to leave

We followed in convoy all journeying far
With red and black ribbons attached to each car
First stop, Timaru, with a sandy terrain
Then the sky clouded over so we prayed not for rain
We finished soon after for food and some grog
And a game of Petanque at the town's 'Loaded Hog'

So back in the convoy we drove in a line, all
To Oamrau, for a game and the Super 12 Final
( I know its bad but nothing else would fit )
With a Canterbury win, a result of great skill
We returned to Petanque and their piste on a hill
The conditions were tough and we all tried to beat it
Where a shot past the jack would then roll back to meet it

We were soon heading South while the day turned to night
To our Mosgiel motel which we found quite alright
But no time to rest, no, no time today
To the Caversham Club, for Petanque we must play
So we played in the rain, under lights, in the cold
Some say we were foolish, but we liked to think bold

Next day saw us drive, to the Club down at Milton
It rained, it was cold, would have froze with a kilt on
( Yes, yes, I know, I was struggling )
We were stuck there indoors, at the hands of El Nino
So we played cards instead at the 'Diane' casino
We ate a quick lunch and then drove to Cav'
For the serious games we'd been meaning to have

Four Clubs with four team, each lined up for the clash
Through the air came the sound of our boules going crash
We played in more rain, 'till the hooter went honk
But we did ourselves proud for our mascot 'Pete Tonk'
The day ended well with a speech to be heard
And the final result ? Well I think we got third

Now the theme of my tale must divert at this junction
To focus a while on the after match function
At a place they called 'Roosters' we were not to be late
For some food and a wine and a quick ruminate
The stories were told and the food was quite arty
Don't mention the 'weird naked Indian party'

The following day was done in reverse order
Oamaru, Timaru to the Canterbury border
We were all made so welcome, everyone, everywhere
Can't wait for the 'Southern Safari' next year
So to finish this tale in a 'Fitzpatrick' way
Full credit to all, Petanque won on the day

Glen Clark

Christchurch Petanque Club
PO Box 2006, Christchurch

                                                                                                                                                                               Copyright Christchurch Petanque Club Inc 2008