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Our financial accounts record the dollar value of improvements but this does not reflect the hundreds of hours of volunteer labour nor the immeasurable benefits to members as they enjoy the use of Club facilities.

The terrain was constructed by Calcon Construction Ltd who removed the top weed surface of the former bowling green, placed boxing on top of the existing green edging , and delivered, leveled, then compacted the SAP 20 on the terrain using a tractor mounted grader. After further compacting with a vibrating roller, the top surface of AP7 was delivered and leveled. As expected, the original concrete driveway into the area was damaged during construction and this was replaced with an asphalt driveway.

After trying various options to divide the individual pistes, Steve Thwaites provided electrical cable wire and this remains today.

The Club obtained the services of two ACE workers under a Task Force Green project. They painted some of the inside rooms, most of the outside of the Clubrooms, all the outbuildings, shelters and park benches. They cleaned and painted the terrain surround and tidied the garden.

Our first mower was donated by David Clarkson and overhauled by John Yellowlees. Adequate was a kind description so nobody minded when it was stolen and were able to purchase a new mower.

As we wanted to "showcase" the Club when we hosted our first National event, we designed the combined seating and planter boxes. These were made by Odyssey House who also designed and built the octagonal BBQ tables. The Council Park officers saw and were impressed by .these tables. We directed them to Odyssey House who subsequently made a further 50 units for the Christchurch City Council

Our next purchase was scoreboards. Ivan Hansen designed and made the scoreboard storage trolley and entrance ramps. Over the following two seasons we installed the shade sails and finished off the outside improvements by constructing the only permanent "shooting" range in New Zealand, paving the driveway in front of the Clubrooms and erecting a safety barrier to prevent cars from driving too far forward and dropping down on to the terrain.

Over time we have purchased more than 100 boule for corporate and Kiwisport use and Sport Canterbury have recently provided 8 sets of coloured boule. Kitchen facilities have been improved by the purchase of a stove and the addition of a microwave, pie warmer, vacuum cleaner and fridges. Tables and chairs were purchased both for downstairs and upstairs so we are able to seat up to 75 for functions. Pride of place goes to the new Club logo which is used as a backdrop for presentations and the glass trophy cabinet which displayed our ever growing collection of trophies.

Most capital purchases have been funded by the Canterbury Foundation and we recognise the positive support provided by Diane & Keith Mills of Blenheim Road Tavern who endorsed our funding applications.

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