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Petanque New Zealand is our national governing body. They are responsible for setting direction on coaching, umpiring, running national tournaments, selecting national representatives etc. Their role is to promote and foster the game of petanque in NZ.

An Auckland petanque club initially formed the national body. As the game grew other North Island clubs became involved. A rift developed between some Auckland members and others involved in the body. At about this time, South Island clubs became involved in the association and helped smooth out the tensions by broadening the pool of committee members and with fresh views.

Diane Findlay was the inaugural representative from the Christchurch Petanque Club on the national committee when she was co-opted in 1999 following some resignations of North Island members. Terry Holt from the Caversham Club in Dunedin also joined the committee at this time. Their positions on the National Body helped put South Island Petanque 'on the map' and raised its profile on the national scene.

As a result of their efforts, Christchurch hosted the first national tournament in the South Island in 1999 ... the National Singles. The organising committee worked very hard to make this event a success. This tournament set a precedent for future national tournaments by introducing new high standards for hosting such an event. PNZ adopted many aspects from the innovating hosting of this tournament and wrote them into their protocols.

Other national tournaments such as the National Doubles in 2000, were also held in Christchurch. Both Terry and Diane are active in helping promote Petanque as a sport for children through the Kiwi Sport programme. Another achievement was the setting up and management of the Petanque NZ Club Database which kept a record of all Petanque clubs in New Zealand.

Steve Thwaites had been actively involved in the national scene through his involvement in tournaments and was appointed to the Petanque NZ executive in 2001. He continued on the committee until 2004 during which time he developed the Playing Rules as adopted by New Zealand, helped with the formatting of draws for tournaments as a member of the Tournament Committee and continued to promote South Island Petanque.

The Christchurch Petanque Club hosted the National Doubles 2002 and the National Singles in 2004. Under the new National Committee structure the South Island will automatically get one National tournament every second year so will no longer have to 'fight' for them.

Jean-Pascal Cuer is the current (2004) representative on the PNZ committee. It is vital that the Christchurch Petanque Club continues to have a representative on the committee to ensure they have 'a voice' on the national body.

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