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RESULTS ... 2013 National Doubles Championship

A terrific National Tournament in Dunedin and the weather joined in to make it a really enjoyable
weekend with 32 teams from around the country competing for the 2013 championship title.
Congratulations and big thanks to everyone from the Southern Region who made such an effort
to make the tournament so special and welcoming.

Back to Back Champions : Christian and David                      'Outstanding' Runners-Up : Joanne and Pam

Semi Finalists : Bill and Ray                                                 Semi Finalists : Bob and Lee

Championship Consolation Winners : Dirk and Craig                Tournament Consolante Winners : Stephan and Graham

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RESULTS ... South Island Doubles Championship

Finalists : Runner Up Branco with Champions John and Brian and Runner Up Roy

Plate Winners : Phil and Catherine                                     Bowl Winners : Colin and Marilyn Bunce

Report and Full Results to follow

RESULTS ... 2013 Piste Of Origin

A wonderfully competitive, wonderfully social event on a wonderfully sunny day in Christchurch. This year it involved four Canterbury clubs for the first time ... Ascot, Ashburton, Christchurch and Papanui. The tournament format was doubles and triples, and at lunchtime after the doubles were complete it was anyone's game to win. Triples combinations are always the most challenging to put together but Papanui managed to get it right and finish on top ... 1.5 aching points ahead of Christchurch, followed by Ascot and finally Ashburton ... the newest petanque club in Canterbury. Great to have them involved.

2013 Piste Of Origin Champions : Papanui                   Runners-Up : Christchurch

Ascot                                                                              Ashburton

Results Doubles Triples 
Papanui 5 Wins 4 Wins
Christchurch 5 Wins 3 Wins / 1 Draw
Ascot  5 Wins 2 Wins
Ashburton 3 Wins  1 Win / 1 Draw

RESULTS ... 2013 Club Doubles Championship

This tournament was run for the first time under the swiss format. Not the usual format for Club tournaments but as the upcoming SI Doubles and NZ Doubles are to be run as Swiss, some practice was needed by both the participants and the Tournament Director !

Glorious spring weather helped even though a minor cold glitch happened midday. Five swiss timed rounds and then semis / finals were played and the tournament was noticeable for one round having three drawn scores evidencing the tight competition.

The Championship final was a riveting game with fortunes fluctuating and both teams having opportunities to take the match and the Championship. Accurate shooting and pointing and tactical nous was evident and the outcome was a win for John Targett (the Dad) and Brian Westerbeek (the new Dad) over Graham Targett (the son) and Craig McKenzie (the not so new dad) by 13-10.

The new combination of Tina Targett (the mum) and Mark Richardson took out the Plate Final over Janet & Tony Wilkinson 137. The Bowl Final was won by Richard Browne and Les Clearwater over Pat O'Shea and Stephanie McDonald in a tight game. Diane Findlay

Champions : Brian and John                                         Runners Up : Graham and Craig

Plate Winners : Mark and Tina                                      Runners Up : Tony and Janet

Bowl Winners : Les and Richard ( Diane as stand in )    Runners Up : Pat and Stephanie

RESULTS ... 2013 Club Singles Championship

Rise of the Young Guns ... the 2013 Club Singles was played in cool fine conditions and was notable for the emergence of two talented players of the future in Graham Targett and Stephane Montel. Both players played superbly during their march to the Championship final defeating a number of the more experienced 'old guard' along the way. This augurs well for the competitive future of the Christchurch Club.

Stephane who lost a well contested final to Graham

Les wins the Plate but Steph is the womens champion        Oscar wins the Bowl. Gerard has a frontal lobotomy.

RESULTS ... 2013 South Island Womens Triples

Timaru Town & Country Club welcomed SI women players to this annual fun, friendly but nevertheless highly competitive and definitely colourful event. This tournament's concept is for women to compete but still to have fun and this was evidenced by the "strict" training regimes leading up to the weekend. Team Orange trained by snorkelling in Rarotonga, Team Bad Cat cruised in Hawaii and Team Green wasn't saying. However, Team Green was photographed in a very relaxed pose by a lamp post need I say more? Rumour also has it that there was a very surprised male President of Excelsior Club (who shall remain nameless) who found he was sharing the male toilet facilities with an Orange team member who had been caught short. But then that's another story ! Diane Findlay

Champions ... Chris, Tina and Karen win back-to-back South Island Womens Triples titles


Runners Up Stephanie, Diane and Pat              Women's tournaments ARE different

RESULTS ... 2013 Mark Choveaux Triples

On a wet weekend in Dunedin the Targetts rained ( reigned ) supreme. Unbeaten on Day 1 they stumbled through Sundays pool play to snatch a place in the semi final thanks to their points differential, and then beat the Frosts and Warren McConnell. In the final they defeated Branco, Karl and Catherine from the Caversham club.

RESULTS ... 2013 Bastille Day Tournament

Winners : Graham and John                                        Runners Up : Keith, Andrew and Paul

Plate Winners : Karen, Art and Tina                            Plate Runners Up : Karen and Chris

Bowl Finalists : Stephanie, Pat, Brian, Les and Peter  Best Costume Winners : Keith and Karen

RESULTS ... Mothers Day Social Tournament

The Mothers Day tournament was played by mothers and people delivered into this world by mothers. An exceptionally fun day played under 23 degrees of fabulous Autumnal weather. The winners were Les Clearwater and Jennie Ramage, runners up were Pam Trounce and John Targett, and third were Tina Targett and Jan Petegem.

RESULTS ... Firefighters Trophy Christchurch

The Firefighters Memorial Trophy was presented to the Christchurch Club by Pierre Armengaud after the 2002 World Fighters' Games which were the first games held after the tragedy of 9/11. An annual Petanque tournament is held on Anzac Day to honour the memories of all servicemen and women and to celebrate the friendship of all Christchurch Petanque players.

This year we particularly remembered in our thoughts the loss of Bill McKenzie, Vice President of Christchurch Club and Muriel Rutherford, President of Timaru Town & Country Petanque.

24 Teams from Ascot, Ashburton, Christchurch and Papanui played a 4 round drawn-doubles tournament in glorious sunshine. The afternoon concluded with pizza nibbles and the presentation of Pierre's magnificent trophy to the winners ... Pat O'Shea ( Christchurch) and Max Maguigan (Ascot) who triumphed with 4 wins and a +17 differential. Second place went to Fran Hudson (Ascot) and John Yellowlees (Christchurch) with 3 wins and a +26 differential and third place to Chris Taylor (Christchurch) and Brian Ramage (Ascot) with 3 wins and a +21 differential.

RESULTS ... Club Mixed Triples

A lovely spring day in Christchurch. Eight teams took part in a very enjoyable timed event tournament on sunday morning. A round robin format that was very competitive. Great to have 'new' players to competition petanque taking part.  The winners after five rounds of timed games were Les Clearwater, Joy Missevich and Oscar Trounce.


Second place was taken by Barry Southam, Lorraine Gibbons and John Targett. In third place were Diane Findlay, Keith Dixon and Wendy Perry.

RESULTS ... South Island Regional Triples

The South Island Triples has been an annual regional tournament since 1998 and in all that time the Trophy has not left Christchurch. Over the 16 year history of the event, Craig McKenzie's name has appeared on the Trophy 10 times. This year he teamed up with Brian Westerbeek and John Targett. They didn't always play to their potential but put it together in the final where they came from behind to beat the Alexandra based Marilyn & Colin Bunce and new boy Richard Browne from Ashburton. Fourteen teams took part in the two day event played under a blazing south island sun.


Eight teams took part this year and provided many tight games. However, and despite only winning one game in the pool round, the triple of Keith Dixon, Mark Richardson and Andrew Findlay beat Brian Westerbeek, John Targett and Craig McKenzie convincingly in the final.


In the Plate section there was also strong competition but Les Clearwater, Pat O'Shea and Art Vernon took top honours in the fianl over Billie Sepsie, Malcolm Pfahlert and Pat Mason



A fun morning with plenty of keen competition. The eventual winners were Pamela Trounce & Mark Richardson who won all their games, closely followed by Tina Targett & Martin Davids who came second.


Twenty players took part this year. Lots of fun playing Boulez Vite ( four ends per game in a a round robin format ... the winner being the team with the best points differential ). Christchurch Club players were joined by the French trio of Alain, Bruno and Daniel from Ascot, and by Richard Browne from the newly formed Ashburton Petanque Club. Played as Drawn Doubles, the tournament took about 3 hours overall and at the end of the morning's play the winners were Tina Targett and Richard Brown with a points differential of +32. They are the first recipients of the new Waitangi Day Trophy. In second place were Martin Davids and Graham Targett.

Richard Browne and Tina Targett                                 Graham Targett and Martin Davids

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