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By the end of 1995 and now with about 70 members, the Club had outgrown the 5 piste terrain under the oak trees. The terrain could cope with 20 players playing doubles but as the attendance on a good day often exceeded 30 players, some game had to be played on the grass. This was not a popular option so in January 1995 a sub committee was formed to consider alternative venues.

While the nearby RSA Bowling Club was an obvious choice, the committee looked at sites at the Riccarton Club, Jellie Park, Elmwood Park, Shirley and Hagley West. The clear preference was the RSA Bowling Club.

David Direen made the initial approach providing a written outline for the RSA Bowling Club's' members to consider.  The RSA was in the process of changing their name to North Hagley Bowls Club. They appointed a sub committee and after some meetings, this subcommittee prepared their outline of their views which after being approved by the North Hagley Bowls Club committee, was presented to Christchurch Petanque Association.

In summary:

North Hagley Bowls was to apply to the CCC to have their lease amended to provide for Petanque to be included with Bowls as an approved activity on the leased area

Christchurch Petanque Association would, at their own expense, construct a 35m x 35m Petanque terrain on The North Hagley Bowls No 2 green

Christchurch Petanque Association would repair and restore the entranceway and drive

Christchurch Petanque Association members would become social members of North Hagley Bowls Club and pay an annual subscription of $20.00. As social members they would have no voting rights but Christchurch Petanque Association would be entitled to two members on the North Hagley Bowls executive.

North Hagley Bowls Club would amend their constitution to provide for these changes.

Both Clubs would supply members for joint committees such as house, grounds and members would be expected to support the bar and working bees.

At the Christchurch Petanque Association Annual General Meeting on 25.3.1996 John Lynn moved and Harvey Brehaut seconded the following motion " That the members of Christchurch Petanque Association accept membership of Hagley RSA Bowls Club".

Much discussion followed including a slide presentation showing the benefits. Questions followed about whether we would construct the terrain with volunteer labour and equipment, could we get a grant, what would our new subs cost, what had happened at other Bowls Clubs which had built Petanque terrains, what would be the quality of the final surface. "The best in the Southern Hemisphere" quoted a prophetic David Direen.

The questions continued - did we have to wear a formal uniform, would we miss out on passerby watching and considering joining in because we would be unseen behind the hedge, will the men have to take their turn at cleaning the toilets (yes) , are NHB in debt, will we have any financial obligation other than our subs, can we take drinks on to the terrain, if we move will we have to replace the terrain with another bowling green.

These very pertinent questions were answered by the sub committee and the meeting passed the resolution unanimously.

The Petanque subcommittee then met with North Hagley Bowls on 9.4.1996 and while there was some opposition within North Hagley Bowls, they had further meetings and eventually agreed to put the proposal to their Annual General Meeting where it was also passed.

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