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The terrain sub committee obtained 4 quotations ranging form $19968 (CCC) to $15525 (Calcon Construction Ltd). The Club applied for a grant from the Trustbank  Canterbury Community  Fund and fund raising activities such as lamingtons (never again), trivial pursuit and raffles were planned.

As it would be some time before the grant application was to be considered and as we wanted work to start promptly to have the new terrain in place by opening day, we again considered using volunteer labour. The finance committee obtained an offer of a loan of up to $12,500 at a reasonable interest rate with capital repayments to be determined by the club. We were then able to authorise Calcon to start. The Trustbank grant arrived in October  so we eventually only borrowed $2500 and these two amounts plus the club funds provided enough to pay the contractor.

Construction started on 19.09.1996 with the topsoil being removed and the base course laid and compacted. The work was soon finished after the spreading of top surface of AP5 crusher dust and the sealing of the entranceway.

What a magnificent sight 20+ international standard pistes, sheltered access to club rooms (not to mention toilets) we thought we were in Petanque heaven.

The opening day was held on 20 October 1996. The Cashmere High School Jazz Band provided music, the Town Crier made a speech outlining the progress of the Club, The French Consul Lloyd Upton cut the tape, Helen Hargreaves threw the first cochonnet and the first boule. Members enjoyed a sausage sizzle and close to 100 attended.

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