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Because our sport was so new and we were full of enthusiasm we took advantage of every opportunity to get the Petanque message across to the unconverted.

Some of our efforts were less than memorable. Cromb & Merritt had a portable piste but it was heavy and unwieldy so we only used it once. We tried promotions in the Palms and Riccarton Mall and had no idea people were so rude. For a promotion at the Hoon Hay
Club we spread shingle on the carpark. The lack of interest was made worse by the hard work shovelling the shingle back onto a trailer.

A joint promotion with Garden City Peugeot was fun even if we had to put fielders around the $85,000.00 coupe when anyone was shooting. Diane couldn't persuade the Peugeot management to play a match with the coupe as a prize!

Demonstrations at CCC open days have been tried with little success.

Only Halswell Quarry Park resulted in the installation of an interesting terrain on an old access track. While few play on it now it is a real challenge and worth a visit. They also have a 3 piste terrain on the flat and a group of 12-15 enthusiasts still play on this terrain regularly.

There is a very good Bocce terrain at QE 11 Park but despite several promotions no locals were interested. Later an enthusiastic group have started playing twice a week at the Ascot community centre and several of their members have started playing in Christchurch tournaments.

For two years a group traveled to Greymouth and played in the "Whitebait Games".  The locals put in a temporary terrain which was very soft and after two days continuous rain it was like playing in porridge and we had to invoke the "floating cochonnet" rule.

A local group built a terrain at Diamond Harbour by the tennis courts and our members traveled to games and a BBQ. The Council provided a terrain at Governor's Bay but again after initial demonstrations no locals cane forward to form a group.

We provided coaching and terrain construction advice for the Petanque section of the Papanui Club. Their original terrain was soft but by the time they had moved the terrain area three times they had got it right and now have a thriving group some of whom play in our tournaments and social events. Their terrain is shortly to be increased to 9 pistes.

As Nelson/Marlborough is part of our geographical area a group headed north. We provided coaching and enjoyed games at Clochemerle in Blenheim and met some of the Marlborough College boys on their home "turf". We also visited Nelson Petanque club and played on their sea shell grit terrain. Other clubs at Richmond and Renwick were in the planning stages.

We were invited to Lake Coleridge  Lodge to advise on a location for a terrain and suggested a circular terrain around and incorporating some established trees.

We held a Petanque demonstration in Timaru featuring Karel Los and afterward Karel and Ron Thompson discussed terrain construction as the Timaru Town & Country Club were in the process of forming a Petanque section.

Christchurch Petanque has made a number of efforts to re-establish Petanque in Akaroa. Demonstrations have been held both on the beach and an adjacent small park to no avail. There are simply too many sporting clubs and activities going on in a small community.. There is a small terrain associated with a restaurant in Akaroa township and a purpose built terrain at French Farm, Duvauchelle. We have also held open days and a tournament at French Farm.

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