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Here's hoping everyone had a lovely Christmas and here's hoping 2014 will see us make real progress in terms of having either a new clubhouse or a totally refurbished existing clubhouse. Lots of petanque tournaments to look forward to this year ... both social and competitive. Click here to check them out. To view news from previous years, just click on the appropraite link below.


A thrilling tournament in Timaru saw Christchurch club members Stephan and Bruno capture the title for 2014, beating Neville and Branco ( Dunedin ) in the final. Chris and Karen took joint third alongside Art and Rena ( Dunedin ), while Keith and Les won the Plate. A very successful weekend for the club.


Champions : Brian, John and Craig

This year's Tournament was rescheduled due to a date clash with the 2014 Trans Tasman Challenge and South Island players responded with 19 teams being entered. Day 1 saw some interesting combos of players and results. The top qualifiers were the new Christchurch team of Bruno Falco, Emile Ferrand and John Hindle with 5 wins and a +25 differential. Emile suffered an unfortunate cycling accident on the way to the terrain on day 2 so this team had to play with only 4 boules but still managed one win in the ensuing Championship pool section.

The knockout rounds saw play well above what could be expected in the trying conditions and all teams are to be congratulated for their fortitude in continuing to play in the wet and avoiding the terrain puddles. Well done to all.

Congratulations to the defending title holders John Targett, Brian Westerbeek and Craig McKenzie(Christchurch)  on their defence of the title. In the final they defeated Nadine Simpson, Rena Turley (Dunedin) and Les Clearwater (Christchurch).

Runners Up : Rena, Les & Nadine                           Trophy Consolation Winners : Chris, Alain & Goulwen

Trophy Consolation Runners Up : Keith, Mark & Andrew                Plate Winners : Marje, Paul & Alice

Plate Runners Up : Mervyn, Kay & Roy                   Plate Consolation Winners : Stephanie, Bob & Pat

Plate Consolation Runners Up : Karen, Tina & Chris                          Bowl Finalists

Some images of the very challenging conditions on Day 2

Club Triples 2014

A superb day for playing petanque. Ten teams turned out to compete for the title of Club Champions. Lots of exciting games but in the end the worthy champions ( and having defended their title ) were Andrew Findlay, Markk Richardson and Keith Dixon who defeated Karen, Tina and Chris in the final.

Champions : Andrew, Mark and Keith

Runners Up : Karen, Tina and Chris                        Plate Winners : David, John and Craig

Plate Runners Up : Richard, Bob and ?                   Bowl Winners : Alain, Goulwen and ?


The Club organised a surprise for our much valued Thursday players with a High Tea event. One of the best attended days since the last 'surprise' ... the Champagne and Cucumber Sandwich day !



Wonderful weather for this year's keenly contested event. An early start meant the competition was able to finish by 1pm and avoid the afternoon heat. Congratulations to the winners ... Bob and Janet.

Winners : Bob & Janet                                                 Runners Up : Tina & Michael


A big turnout this year for the annual Waitangi Day social tournament at the Christchurch Petanque Club, with teams from Ashburton, Ascot, Christchurch, Papanui and Woolston. The weather was delightful and despite the lack of club facilities the event was very successful.

Champions : Marion & Tony                                         Runners Up : Chris & Bob

Trophy Consolation Winners : Ron & Pat                     Runners Up : Malcolm & Rewa                                 

Plate Winners : Jennie & Stephane                              Runners Up : Sheila & Andrew                                 

Plate Consolation Winners : Brian & Jonathan             Runners Up : Brian & Ron                                         

Bowl Winners : Eric & Chris                                        Runners Up : Fay & Richard                                      

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